So... Who is this mysterious it dude Berndt Horst!?!

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Dear visitor to my webspace. I guess I should I should introduce myself to You dear visitor.

So... My name is Berndt Horst and in my IRL everyday life I am a professional IT computer system administrator (Certified Ms Office '97 Expert by Power Solutions in Blackeberg, Sweden) at Mullbergaskolan (The Mullberry School). It's a fun job to keep the computers updated and make them work when the kids in class 5A have removed all the tangents from the tangent board for example. Or spilled Fanta, that happens often.

In my spare time i like to listen to music like Kraftwerk the german synth group. I like synth music, it sounds like a computer.

And most importantly: I am A PC USER! I will never use Macintosh and I have no respect for Mac OS Users. It should be called Macinsuck! Linux sucks too, it's too flashy. I use Windows '95 on the school computers and WIndows 3.1. at my home work station for security purposes.

If you want to know more about me you can email me or write in the guestbook!