Some funny IT pictures I have found on the web....

Bill Gates is getting lazy... (the text is in Swedish but I think it still works, it just says Wait and Cancel)

Similiar...? Macs suck and are ugly.

The green trend is going too far with Macs (Macs suck!).

This is funny because it's true, many of the teachers and students at the school I am IT admin at are idiots that don't understand computers. Especially the children are idiots.

Hmmmm make up your mind dear computer!? How can you ask me to delete something when that is what is not working!? That's the joke.

Actually I had a similiar case in the school when Jerry Björk had smashed a chair into the computer screen. Which in turn made feel like doing like in the picture... I actually just smashed the mouse instead though.

Unlucky situation for a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)! I have never had a BSOD on the information screen in the school entrance, which I am very proud of. Once Jerry Björk put a porn picture with two "shemales" on it but that's another story.

Not an IT picture but some of the students/teachers in school really have ther heads upp their asses (and one of the shemales in the story above did as well).